Quick Ways To Obtain Much-Needed Cash

29 January 2016
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog


If you need to pay a bill immediately and you do not have the funds to do so, you will need to come up with a plan to borrow money or suffer consequences by the creditor you owe. There are several ways to make some quick cash without having to pay exorbitant fees as a result. Here are a few ideas to try when you are in need of a small sum for bill-paying purposes.

Head To A Pawn Shop

Search your home for items of value that you can use to pawn in exchange for cash. This temporary solution allows you to get money to use for your bill and then get your items back if you pay the fee determined at the time you hand them over to the shop. If you are unable to pay for the items, they will be kept by the pawn shop, so it is important you are sure you can make a payment for their return if they are sentimental. A pawn shop will also outright purchase items, although at a much lower price than you may wish. If the bill is important, however, this option may be desirable.

Find Some Recyclables

If you have access to recyclable items, cashing them in may be helpful to your situation. Check your home for scrap metal and bring it to a local scrap yard for immediate cash. If you have an old vehicle, bringing it to an auto salvage yard can bring you a small chunk of change to use for your bill. If you know of a source where aluminum or glass cans and bottles are in abundance, take them to a recycling center for some quick cash.

Obtain A Payday Loan

Payday loans from companies are offered to those with decent credit as a means of obtaining cash very quickly. You can get these loans through a bank or more conveniently, through online companies like Money 4 You. A quick credit check would be done and money is then distributed, sometimes within hours. Payment arrangements will be made to return the money to the lender, often within a few weeks' or months' time. These loans do not require extensive paperwork and do not put large items like a home or vehicle at risk for confiscation. Make sure to pay back the loan as soon as you have the funds to do so as interest is compounded on a daily basis, often at a higher rate than traditional bank loans because of the convenience in payout time.