3 Common Reasons Why Providers Are Underpaid by Health Insurance Companies

17 November 2020
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Health insurance underpayments are an unfortunate reality for anyone working as a provider. Whether underpayments are accidental or intentional, they allow insurance companies to reduce their expenses and make a larger profit. Providers need to be aware of the possibility of underpayments, as frequent underpayments can significantly affect revenue. One way that providers can easily detect underpayments is to use a healthcare underpayment revenue recovery solution. This software allows providers to monitor remittances for potential underpayment so they can begin the appeal process with the insurer. Read More 

Socially Responsible Investment Options For Retirement Savers

25 June 2020
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

More employees are asking their workplaces to add socially responsible investment funds to their 401k plans. Individuals planning for their retirement want to place their money in investments that have a social purpose. SRI investing is not only about investing with a social conscious. Its twin goals are to support environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals while earning a competitive financial return.  If you want to invest ethically while saving for retirement, the following are SRI investing options for retirement plans. Read More