2 Misconceptions You May Have About Posting Bond For Someone Who Has Been Arrested

27 February 2023
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If you have received a call from someone that you know who has been arrested, they may have asked you to help them get out of jail by posting their bail for them. If you have never paid to get someone out of jail or know anyone who has gone through the process, you may be trying to make a decision based on what you believe you know about posting bail.

However, there are many misconceptions about posting bonds for someone who has been arrested, some of which you may believe. Below is the truth behind a couple of these misconceptions that can ease your mind about posting bail through a bondsman to help the person get out of jail.

1. You Have to Pay the Entire Bail Amount in Cash Before They Can Be Released

One misconception you may have about posting bail is that you have to pay the entire amount before they can be released. You may even think that you need to pay the court-ordered amount in cash.

However, a full cash amount is not required to post bail for someone. When you go through a bail bondsman, you can either put down a set percentage of the bail amount or, if you do not have available funds, you can put something you own up as collateral, such as the deed to your home or the title for your car.

2. You Can Go Through a Bondsman to Negotiate the Cost of the Bail Amount

Another misconception you may have is that you can negotiate the cost of the bail amount if you go through a bonding service. You may have seen a movie or television show that shows the actors trying to negotiate for a cheaper bond.

However, unlike the fantasy realms of cinema, a bondsman does not have control over the bail amount. They are bound by laws and regulations set by the court system and must abide by the bail amount posted by the judge overseeing the person's case.

When you go through a bondsman to post bail for someone who has been arrested, you do not need to have the full cash value of the bond, but instead, can use other forms of collateral against the amount of the bail. Since they are bound by laws and regulations, the amount of bail cannot be negotiated because it is set by the judge. If you know someone who needs to be bailed out of jail and you need more information or help with the process, contact a bail bonds service near you.

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