Prepare For An Estate Sale

12 August 2022
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog


Hosting an estate sale is a great way to unload items you have inherited, but do not have a need for. You will also have the capacity to raise a lot of money, especially if you will be featuring antiques and other valuable items.

Use the following suggestions to help you prepare for the estate sale

Clean, Catalog Items, And Designate Prices

If you want to avoid needing to cart items outdoors, you may want to hire a professional cleaning crew to tidy up the residence where the sale will be held. A professional cleaning crew can be responsible for steam cleaning carpeting and draperies, washing windows, and handling other targeted tasks.

Create a master list of all of the items you will be selling. Seek an appraisal of any items that you think may be of value. Designate prices for the household goods. Use a label to clearly mark the price of each item.

Have Professionals Assist You

HIring a crew who provides professional estate services will reduce the amount of interactions that you need to conduct with the public. Estate service providers can help you organize the items and create displays for them. The providers can also assist with keeping items safeguarded throughout the duration of the estate sale. Any high ticket items should be placed in an area where they cannot be easily accessed.

The advertising that you supply for the estate sale can provide an overview of the items that will be featured. People who view your advertisements may be in search for a specific household good. If they take note that you will be selling something they are seeking, they can request to view the item when they arrive at the sale.

Be Clear About The Sales Time And Prepare A Parking Area

Your advertisements for the estate sale should provide the time that you will begin conducting the sale. Use wording that indicates that you will not accept anyone on the property before the designated time. To prevent damage to the lawn, prepare a parking area for consumers to use.

Signage can be displayed along the driveway and other parts of the property where you would like each visitor to park. If there will not be enough parking space for a large group of vehicles, secure an alternate parking area. You may need to seek permission to have people park in a commercial lot that is located near the address where the estate sale is being held.