First Time Offender: Helpful Information About Getting Bailed Out Of Jail

10 January 2016
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Has a problem with the law put you at risk of going to jail for the first time? Depending on the crime involved, as long as the judge does not consider you at risk for skipping town, he or she may set a bail amount that can be paid by a bail bonds company if you don't have the money. Below, learn a few helpful things about bail bonds companies so that you will know what to expect if you have to go to jail and need bail money.

You Can Contact A Bail Bonds Company From Jail

After you are booked into jail and settled in, you will have the opportunity to call one person of your choice. It is wise for you to call someone that can assist you with getting out of jail, or you can make use of the call by contacting a bail bondsman. One of the staff members at the jailhouse should be able to give you the number of a bondsman if you don't know the phone number of one already. Another option would be to tell someone that you know to contact a bondsman if you are taken to jail. He or she will then be able to sign the paperwork with the bondsman to get you out of jail, or the bondsman will simply visit you at the jailhouse to take care of the application.

There Must Be A Means For You To Repay The Bail Money

You have the option of providing your own job contact information as proof that you can repay the bail money, or someone else can provide their information (co-sign). The bondsman will also ask you for a few personal references that can be contacted in case you fall behind on payments. You may be asked if you have anything that can be used as collateral in the event that your bail is set at a high amount. The bail bonds company will give you a specific amount of time to pay the money back (at their own discretion) before taking the matter to court.

You Have To Be Present On Your Court Date After Being Bailed Out

If you don't show up on your court date, the bondsman will be held responsible by the judge. You will then end up with the bail bonds company trying to locate you to take you to jail, which may be done with the help of bounty hunters. Get in touch with a bail bonds company if you get locked up so they can get you out of jail fast. For more information, consider contacting a professional like those at Brad's Bail Bonds.